Venus as the Lioness Goddess, Sekhmet


y'all may or may not know this about me, but shortly after i began moving through my awakening, in early 2016, i realized i was in communication with Venus. She presented as the planet, and guided me toward finding a new Lover, to use the energy of orgasm to create, so She may make manifest -- the Goddess of Love -- through me.

"anchor the vibration of unconditional love. serve as a Divine Channel. practice sex magic. you are an alchemist."

at that time, i knew very little about channeling. i didn't really have a meditation practice. i didn't know sex magic was a thing, and i was clueless about "alchemy." i was; however, learning a LOT about #hypnosis, #Reiki and energy, getting into Tarot and other forms of Divination, and ultimately, developing my connection to my "guide," Venus.

i attracted my Lover. (on Tinder. ha!) we made mind-blowing, soul-expanding, earth-shattering Love each time we connected...orgasms literally make more love, Y'all. i quickly and clearly recognized that our way of relating was different; that he was coming to the "Temple," (me) to receive from the Goddess... Venus.... not necessarily visiting Beck to have delicious sex.

all the while, i was talking to Venus, learning more about her astrology and astronomy. correlating dates related to her descent into the underworld, her rise as a morning/evening star, retrogrades...realizing her energy guides me (and the collective) through regular ego deaths. awestruck to recognize

my human somehow moves in perfect alignment with VENUS.

if you're curious about your own Venus, Kristine Backes is part of this group and can offer deep insight.... our work together helped fine tune my connection to Venus; it placed my attention on the archeypal energy of Venus in Sagittarius specifically, as my Venus is in Sag. interestingly, Venus in Sag presents as Sekhmet, the Egyptian Lioness Goddess who was sent to earth by Ra to alchemize rage to compassion and balance injustice.

i got into clear communication with Sekhmet in early 2017... never realizing it was actually an interation of VENUS i was working with. anywho, i found this article this morning, and cried as i read; it's happening and it feels lonely. i feel the pressure of Dharma, Karma, Pluto, Saturn, Mars, Mercury, the Nodes.... i feel karmic ties, contracts, relationships disintegrating as the energy that held them in place is liberated there at the Nodes.

this energy is hard. yesterday was easy. Sekhmet and Venus are supporting, nonetheless <3

"The ancient Egyptians describe Sekhmet as the daughter of Ra, the feminine eye of the Sun, sent to Earth to restore balance and order. She was sent to alchemically transform any negativity plaguing the Earth. She does this by devouring it, taking it into her belly, or alchemical cauldron, digesting and transforming it in to a powerful expression of Pure Divine Love."

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June 7, 2019: Mars conjunct North Node, oppose Pluto and Saturn


this morning, a friend asked what was happening in the stars... apparently the humans are a little freaked out today.

Mars, the fiery planet of action, immature masculine, warrior of the zodiac is quite disruptive in Cancer; the sign of the crab: the Mother, intuition, compassion. this energetic signature is dualistic/polarizing in nature -- Mars and Cancer archetypes are essentially energetic opposites.

the Gemini New Moon set this month's tone, asking us to get into clear alignment with that which resonates as TRUTH for us... Mercury, the messenger, rules Gemini, the sign of the twins, duality, communication, and the throat chakra. I am being clearly guided to establish firm boundaries between myself and anything, especially anyONE whose values/messaging/way of Being/broadcasting in the world are not fully aligned with my own. authenticity and integrity are paramount.

I chant to Ganesha to help shore up my energetic boundaries and when I am having a hard time feeling safe in the world. (I'm pretty sensitive, Y'all.): Ganesh is the remover of all obstacles and unifier of consciousness.

Neptune, the planet of unconditional love, illusion, disillusion, dissolution is squaring Jupiter at the Great Attractor; a gravitational anomaly that senses like a super-duper Pluto, destroys to create, and also simultaneously emits/consumes its own frequency.

Mars, the immature masculine, is juuuust about to kiss the North Node of Destiny (in Cancer), the point to which the Collective Soul seeks to evolve at this time, while opposing Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. Saturn is about boundaries, karma, limits, confines of spacetime, and Pluto is the Lord of the Underworld, Mr Transformation; they are conjunct the SOUTH Node...

it's like the ego structures that held victim consciousness/patriarchy in place to repress the feminine are being sucked right outta the collective psyche causing tiny subconscious implosions. subtle ego deaths. at the same time, Neptune is offering support to the S Node/Pluto/Saturn, infusing the collective heart, Pisces, with transpersonal love and also overwhelming our humanity with emotion.... all the while, Cancer is illuminating the masculine there at the Node so he might evolve with more compassion, care, nurture, in balance with the feminine.

....the duality/illusion of separation is amplified. communication becomes emotionally detached, cold and aloof in its shadow expression. lots and LOTS of projection, disillusionment, and frazzled nervous systems out there. the advice is to stay focused on the Self. be diligent, deliberate and intentional about staying in alignment with the Being you are in this moment.

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