Defensive Communication


i'm having a REALLY HARD TIME w the current energy. my eyeballs continue to overflow with alllllll of the emotion coming up and out. feeling lots of sadness, grief, loss. senses as if I'm letting go of my former self, the false associations and attachments -- all aligned with last month's Gemini energy.

giving myself permission to see things as they are instead of as I Am. holding deep space as the taste is smacked outta my mouth over and over again -- I've worn rose-tinted glasses as a defense mechanism (Venus conjuncts Neptune in my chart, and they square my Pisc Moon) and am being guided to get downright ferocious about where I've been "defensive" in the past.

certain defenses are there to protect, honor and empower.... others lend to subconscious manipulations and a false sense of security. I gather this is the impact of Mars conjunct Mercury in Cancer opposing Pluto/Saturn in Cap: Mars is the wounded, immature masculine; the aspect that hasn't had the capacity, desire, courage to hold space for the rising feminine; Mercury is the messenger, the communicator of the Zodiac, and represents the conscious, thinking mind. Cancer is about empathy, compassion, intuition, boundaries... Pluto destroys to create. Saturn wraps energy in the confines of spacetime; it limits, binds, discerns, and Capricorn represents the structure upon which our identities are built -- that structure is outmoded -- we've called it PATRIARCHY. 

I'm witnessing my desire (Mars) to speak up (Mercury) anytime I feel my boundaries (Saturn) challenged (Pluto)... when I do speak up, I am generally *very direct, my tone indicates the frustration I'm feeling, and I don't really give a shit whether who is receiving likes the way my message feels, appreciates the nature of the message, or even acknowledges 'the why' behind having established the boundary. what's most important is that I am vulnerable (Cancer sun), authentic and aligned when I share my thoughts and feelings. for a strong empath with psychic sensitivities, this is MAJOR. maaaaaaajor <3

and oh, btw, there's an eclipse July 2 at 10 Cancer.....