Planetary Alchemy


Everything is energy. All energy vibrates, and each vibration resonates at a unique frequency or sound, be it audible or inaudible. Emotions, thoughts, humans each broadcast a unique signal, a "vibe." The Universe, planets, stars speak the language of frequency; the subconscious mind senses on the level of frequency, and so do I!

I have been guided to slow wayyyy down; to learn to relax into the present moment and honor my human, feminine form as a Temple. In developing the necessary personal, ritualized hypnotic healing and sound alchemy practice to support my empathic and psychic sensitivities, I have come to revere myriad quantum healing tools: crystals, Reiki, singing bowls, mantra, meditation, flower essences, essential oils, Divination (Tarot, oracle cards), movement. I’ve simultaneously intuited and validated the ancient arts of astrology and alchemy — I’ve learned to tune into the Music of the Spheres to obtain clear guidance, shift frequencies and transcend states using self hypnosis.

increase your energetic bandwidth. Enhance connection to Self, Source, Earth.
Harness the power of mind, intention, sound: frequency!


Join my Facebook group, Planetary Alchemy, to stay in the flow while gracefully navigating deep cosmic waves. Gain access to practical vibrational medicine to include Reiki-infused alchemical sound healing meditations that gently en-LIGHT-en your frequency and enliven your Being; intuitive guidance and support during challenging energetic shifts and astrological transits; quantum healing tools and practices to raise the vibration of thoughts, enhance the integrity of your energetic field, and reset your default to love, compassion and presence.

Create, clear, and seed your own field of consciousness: I amplify the planetary transmission; you relax, tune in and receive through the filter that IS your subconscious mind… allow your Genius to offer intentions.

I'm currently heavily focused on the collective energetic implications of Uranus in Taurus (awakening the wisdom of the body, values, self worth), all movements Venusian (embodied Divine Feminine, anchoring the vibration of Love), and the Pluto-Saturn conjunction. Saturn is the task master, inner authority, Father Time and Karma; he limits with boundaries. Pluto is about power, transformation, creation by way of destruction. My Being helps people unbecome who they are not: removes masks, peels back layers, expands consciousness, liberates energy and creates space for You.