Alchemical Hypnosis

We don’t see things as they are; we see them as we are.
— Anais Nin

Hypnosis is a completely natural, relaxed, focused state of mind that draws upon the inherent wisdom and limitless power of the subconscious mind. Hypnotherapy is therapy administered while one is in the state of hypnosis, and alchemy is defined as “the medieval forerunner of chemistry based on the supposed transformation of matter… a seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination.”

Alchemical hypnosis is my modern blend of Ancient, mystical healing practices to shift emotional
density into metaphorical golden light.

With careful attention and grounded support, firmly rooted patterns and limiting beliefs are quickly modified with suggestion, storytelling, guided imagery, neurolinguistic programming (NLP), and singing bowls… sessions are a lot like guided imagining. Our time together will help you expand beyond outmoded habits and behaviors and energetic blocks that, in the past, impacted your capacity to live life at your highest potential. As we move through each highly personalized, organic session, your consciousness will elevate to offer a higher perspective, empowering you to recognize, accept and nurture denied aspects of Self.

Alchemical hypnotherapy is ideal if you are ready to:

  • Release toxicity and self sabotage;

  • Diffuse anger, uplift depression, calm anxiety;

  • Enjoy more peace and pleasure;

  • Hone empathic and psychic sensitivities;

  • Access and act upon intuitive guidance;

  • Nurture and freely express creativity;

  • Release cellular memory and activate latent DNA;

  • Optimize the environment of the body with intention and attention.

  • Address root causes and heal symptoms;

  • enLIGHTen and integrate “the shadow;”

  • Alchemize trauma and density;

  • Let go of looping thoughts;

  • Develop tools to feel hard feelings;

  • Accept and relax into each moment;

  • Stay present and be more mindful;

  • Establish and honor boundaries;

  • Surrender chronic pain and addictions;


During your alchemical hypnotherapy session (up to 2-hours), you will learn about about hypnosis as I facilitate a candid conversation with your subconscious mind, artfully engaging you in the relaxed, highly focused, suggestible state of hypnosis. As our time together unfolds, I will wrap my energetic arms around your entire Being to create a safe, comfortable, nonjudgmental environment where you are held, supported and encouraged to disassociate from limitation and identities of the past,

create new possibilities in the present,
and express a more aligned, more
authentic You into the future.

In maintenance sessions (about 1.5-hours), see what stuck, what needs more attention, and commit to releasing all that no longer serves — be that chronic pain or dis-ease, outmoded thought patterns, the past, all forms of toxicity. As we practice the skills you are learning to master your mind, feel hard feelings and direct energy, you are empowered to make choices and respond in ways that foster patience, peace and pleasure in the present moment. 

Each client-centered session is completely unique, custom-tailored to meet specific needs, and includes a 20-30 minute hypnotic recording to support your healing journey and transformation. I excel when working with sensitives and awakening empaths; people healing from expired relationships, to include the empath/narcissist dynamic; those releasing self sabotage, toxic behavior; as well as men, women and young adults seeking to enhance intimate connection to Self and others. I also thoroughly enjoy practicing with children aged 5-95, as well as creatives who are interested in enjoying a more relaxed, more connected, more authentic way of being. 

Alchemical Healing Packages

I use crystal singing alchemy bowls as a stand-alone or in conjunction to hypnotic suggestion and/or Reiki with alchemical hypnotherapy clients to support, relax and guide mind into states of consciousness that maximize our inherent ability to heal. Your individual Alchemical Hypnosis Session (up to 2 hours) includes an interview, education about hypnosis, hypnotherapy and 20-minute recording of hypnotic meditation with crystal singing bowl accompaniment.

Your three session Hypnotic Healing Package (6 hours) includes:

  • Initial alchemical hypnosis session (up to 2 hours);

  • Two follow-up sessions (1.5 hours each); 20-minute recorded hypnotic meditation; and

  • 25-minute live-recorded alchemical sound healing meditation to support your journey between sessions.


Integrate the Work with this 6-week hypnocoaching program to support and deepen your hypnotic healing. In addition to three hypnotic healing sessions, enjoy personal attention and phone, email, instant messaging support between sessions to develop your personal practice: unravel, process and integrate hypnotic healing shifts; incorporate skills you are learning into waking life with your:

  • Initial hypnotic healing session (up to 2 hours);

  • Two follow-up sessions (1.5 hours each);

  • 20-minute recorded hypnotic meditation;

  • 25-minute live-recorded alchemical sound healing meditation;

  • Personal attention, support and guidance between sessions.

This 6-week Spiritual Investment hypnocoaching program crystallizes your healing work in conscious awareness and everyday life. In addition to three hypnotic healing sessions and integrated support, develop and continue your personal practice with a singing bowl. Pricing varies with cost of singing bowl. The Spiritual Investment Program includes:

  • Initial hypnotic healing session (up to 2 hours);

  • Two follow-up sessions (1.5 hours each);

  • 20-minute recorded hypnotic meditation;

  • 25-minute live-recorded alchemical sound healing meditation;

  • Crystal singing bowl consultation, instruction, education; and

  • Your very own crystal, Himalayan or alchemy singing bowl!!